World championship cadets (till 16 years)
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Minsk, Belarus 13-22 December 2001

Participants and trainers stay during the championship in the Olympic Sport Complex "Staiki"

Being situated in the pittoresque natural place in the pinetree forest by the lake Staiki 10 km from the city of Minsk is already many years second house for many sportmen and trainers.
There are 8 hotel buildings for up to 600 people.
Main buildings Nr.1 and Nr.2 connected by the galeries with the cantine, hall of active rest, cinema-concert hall and medical center.
There are rooms with the special furniture for extra heavy and long persons.
1 and 2 persoonsroom equipped with Satellit TV.
Complex of sport objects for all-year training and preparation for more than 20 sports..
Universal sport Building with two Sport halls (72x50 m. and 54x36 m) provide the possibility to hold high level trainings.
Gym complex "Minsk-1" is most popular by the young visitors.
> There are two dining halls for 280 people, restaurant, buffet and night bar. Specialist - dietist is busy to keep meal prepared specificly for every sport.
In the free time sportmen may play table tennis, billliard, watch TV, vist sauna, bar, disco.
Olympic Sport Complex "Staiki" Tel. 297-4275, Tel./Fax 244-3072, 297-4274
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