Final round 10


Valneris and Chizhov both spared energy today. There was no point for Valneris to try and beat Schwarzman, because a draw was just as good. Tomorrow he has to beat Chizhov to grasp the title, but his chances are small. Chizhov found a good friend in Kees Thijssen and shared a calm day with him.

Baljakin had no trouble with beating Huseynov. He played a nice strategy:



Tekstvak:  Baljakin-Huseynov


It is white to play.

The white strategy is pointed against the absence of black pieces on 2 and 4. At this moment there is a combination for white, but it is not good: 24-19?(13x24) 29x20 (14x25!) 34-29 (23x34) 39x30 (25x34) 33-28 (22x42) 31x2 (42x31) 36x27 (17-22!) 27x18 (12x23) and the white king is trapped.


28.35-30! ...


Well played! Black would love to play (14-19?) now, but is confronted with the guillotine combination: 30-25! (19x30) 25-20 (15x24) 34x25 (23x34) 39x19 (13x24) 33-28 (22x42) 31x2 (42x31) 2x35 W+.


...14-20 29.30-25! 9-14


If (23-28)25x14 (9x20) 38-32!


30.34-30! 23x34 31.24-19 13x35 32.39x30 35x24 33.33-28 22x42 34.31x2 42x31 35.36x27


Later this game was cashed by Baljakin.


 For the spectator there was an amazing game between Samb and Georgiev.

As we know, Samb does not tolerate resistance and is therefore always battle bound.

Georgiev had fun today playing extremely provocative. I cannot believe that his game was correct, even if he shows me some variant and tells me it was the contrary. There are limits in taking things for granted. Fact is, he succeeded to bring Samb out of ballance and took him in an unpredictable adventure.






It was black to play.

Things went completely wrong for Samb:


27. ...2-7!


The right move at the right moment.

The big problem for white is :47-41 (22-28!), so he decided :


28. 24-19 13x24 29. 30x10 20-24 30.29x20 25x5



Samb fought to the last drop of blood, but had to resign after all.


Paul Oudshoorn.