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The official regulations.

General organization

1. The organization of the World Championship Seniors 2005 has been allotted by the FMJD (World Draughts Federation) to the Royal Dutch Draughts Federation (KNDB) and will take place from October 6 through October 23 2005 in Amsterdam.

2. The tournament will take place in the Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside, Provincialeweg 38, 1108 AB Amsterdam Zuidoost. Tel. 020-3121416 (from abroad: +31-20 3121416); Fax 020-3121465 (from abroad + 31 20 3121465).

3. The tournament will be supervised by main referee Heinar Jahu (Estonie). He will be assisted by the referees Henk Fokkink and Cor Verdel (both from the Netherlands) and Ndongo Fall (Senegal). They will be guided by strict maintenance of the FMJD rules and regulations.

4. All travel expenses and visa costs for players are to be borne by their national federations. Costs for travel and visa expenses as well as food and lodging for accompanying persons have to be paid by their national federations or by themselves. Costs for lodging and food of the players are borne by the organization as long as the player takes part (*) in the tournament. The expected arrival date is October 5. The departure date is October 24 for players who take part in the final series. All players have to be present in the Opening ceremony. Players who take part in the final series, have to be present at the closing ceremony.

(*) All players take part in the tournament during the group stage. During the final stage only the players who are qualified for the final by ending within the first three places of their group take part in the tournament.

5. The national federations have to pay the registration fee for each of their players participating in the WC to the representative of the FMJD, in accordance with the decisions made by the General Assembly of 2001. A player for whom the registration fee has not been paid before the first round, is not allowed to participate in the tournament.

Format of the tournament

6. The tournament will be played in two phases.

A. In the first phase the 40 players are divided in 4 groups. This first phase will be played from October 6 through October 12. On October 7 and October 9 there will be played two games. For each group, after the Round Robin of 9 rounds (according to the schedule attached), the best three of each group are going to the second phase.

B. The second phase of this WC start at October 13 and will be played in a Round Robin system of 11 rounds with 12 participants (according to the schedule attached). October 15 will be off. On October 17 two rounds will be played.

7. The official rules and regulations of the FMJD will be in full force. The use of clocks and the notation of the individual games is mandatory. The games will be played in the official Fischer-time rate of 50 moves in the first 2 hours and one hour till the end of the game (for each player). A player is said to be in ‘time shortage’ when he has 5 minutes or less to go before time control. Conform the FMJD regulations players are not allowed to agree on a draw before they both made 40 moves. In case of transgression of this rule, the referee is obliged to decide on a 0-0 result.

8. The final classification in both phases will be based on the total competition points obtained. The first place in the second phase gives right to the title of ‘World Champion 2005’.

9. If in the first or second phases two or more players end at the same place the following calculations will be used to define their respective ranking:
- 1 the largest number of points
- 2 the largest number of victories
- 3 the best result in +/- draws (*) throughout the particular round robin competition
- 4 the result(s) between the tied players (**)
- 5 the best result obtained in the order of the classification. (**)
- 6 the highest place for the player with the highest rating in last FMJD-list.

(*) When the result of a game is a draw and when there is a difference of 3 men or more (a king counting for two men, e.g. 2 kings and 1 man against 1 king) then the player with the majority gets an plus (+); his opponent receives an minus (-). In the final tournament ranking these pluses and minuses will be added up, and the results will be used to discern between players tying the same place, following the order of priorities mentioned above. In this process of adding up and comparing a plus remise and a minus remise are better than two normal draws. 

(**) in comparing the results between the players a plus remise is better than a normal remise which is better than a minus remise.

For specific regulations of the plus remise see article 16.

10. A. If the titleholder again wins the title, the number two will be Challenger. In that case both players (and also the number three) have the right to participate in the World championship 2007.

B. If the titleholder loses the title, he will be the Challenger. In that case the new champion, the Challenger and the second best player have the right to participate in the World Championship 2007.

C. If in 2007 one or more of the three players will not able to participate, these places will not be allotted to the WCS 2005.

D. In any case from WCS 2005 not more than three players will qualify for the WCS 2007.

11. The players finishing in the second round in the first three places will receive a medal and an official diploma.

12. According to the rule adopted in the General Assembly of Abidjan 1996, it is forbidden to smoke in the playing hall.

13. The main referee composes a jury for award three FMJD prices:
  • the Roozenburg-cup (best game for winner and loser)
  • the Springer-cup (best endgame)
  • the Weiss-cup (best combination)

14. A Jury d’Appel (appeal board) has been composed by the CD of the FMJD. Chairman: Frank Teer (Netherlands). Members: Rima Danilevichiene (Lithuania) and Henri Macaux (France).

15. In the case of lack of clarity in the FMJD regulations or in these rules and regulations, or in unforeseen circumstances, the matter at hand will be decided by the main referee in consultation with the organization and the FMJD.

Article 16 Special regulations for “plus remise”

16.1. When the result of a game is a draw and when there is a difference of 3 men or more (a king counting for two men, e.g. 2 kings and 1 man against 1 king) then the player with the majority gets a plus remise and his opponent receives a minus remise. This rule holds for the draw by mutual consent (see Annex 1 article 7) and for the regulatory draw (See Annex 1, article 6: three times the same position, the 25 moves rule, the 16 moves rule and the 5 moves rule). The players write a 1+ or 1- on their notation forms.

16.2  If a position of a king plus 2 men against a King is reached then, contrary to Annex 1 article 6.3 (16 moves rule), a maximum of 25 moves may be played.  The reason for this rule is that there are positions in which it takes more than 16 moves to get a second King and thus realize a plus remise, e.g. white King at 47, men at 46 and 36, black King at 48.

16.3 If it is clear for both players that the game will end in a plus remise they may agree upon a plus remise even if the difference of three men is not yet reached on the board.

FMJD-Tournament-director ‘100’ seniors,

Eleonora Bubbi

Stadsdeel Zuidoost
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