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Alexander Baljakin Print E-mail
baljakin.jpgTitle: GMI
Rating: 2410
World ranking: 5
Age: 44

The player with the highest rating in his group. These days he is a hope for the Dutch. Nice, clear way of playing. Plays fast and easy.
Gérard Jansen Print E-mail
jansen_g.jpgTitle: GMI
Rating: 2373
World ranking: 14
Age: 41

Grandmaster with very exact finishing skills. Those, who face a difficult game, will be exhausted the next day.
Hans Jansen Print E-mail
jansen_h.jpgTitle: GMI
Rating: 2331
World ranking: 37
Age: 49

A player with self-willed ideas and a special kind of playing style. Tireless analyst.
Kees Thijssen Print E-mail
thijssen.jpg Title: GMI
Rating: 2388
World ranking: 8
Date of birth: August 8, 1975

Dutch hope in years without WC-titles. He is the Dutch champion of the last three consecutive years. He is a favourite.
Rob Clerc Print E-mail
clerc.jpgTitle: GMI
Rating: 2386
World ranking: 9
Age: 50

He should be able to make it to the finals, but he needs to win.
Ron Heusdens Print E-mail
heusdens.jpgTitle: GMI
Rating: 2316
World ranking: 45
Age: 43

Expert in mindsports. He has become more reliable the last years, without doing harm to the entertainment of his games. Winner of Hiltex Zeeland Open 2005.
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