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    Lélio Marcos Sarced
    from São Paulo - Brazil
    Signed on: za 22 okt 2005 05:26:07 CEST
    I saw the opening and the first round of the WC and after I had to come back to Brazil. My feeling is still good. I told to Gerard Jansen when he arrived in the AC Hotel: now I see the winner of this competition. And I´m very happy looking that Jansen has very nice position. Congratulations friend. And Chizhov is always Chizhov !!!!
    John van den Borst
    from Utrecht
    Signed on: vr 21 okt 2005 15:47:11 CEST
    Met haar fraaie site doet de organisatie van dit WK zichzelf zware concurrentie aan. Wie komt er nog kijken als je thuis alles vrijwel live kunt volgen? Maar thuis maak je niet alles mee en ik had een van de spectaculairste damincidenten van de laatste jaren ( 7e ronde!) dan ook niet graag willen missen. Je zult toch maar op een een rustig vakantiemiddagje met je jongste dochter het WK bezoeken en dan met tierende en scheldende grootmeesters te maken krijgen. Mijn dochter is definitief genezen van haar overtuiging dat dammen maar een suffig en passieloos spelletje is!
    AndreikoSigned on: wo 19 okt 2005 22:39:14 CEST
    Un caro saluto a tutti da Bolzano! 
    sto seguendo con entusiasmo le evoluzioni mondiali.  
    In bocca al lupo e che vinca il migliore! 
    a presto 
    Herzliche Grusse aus Bozen! 
    ich folge mit Interesse diese Veranstaltung. 
    uberlegt dass andris euch sieht! 
    bis bald 
    from Druten
    Signed on: wo 19 okt 2005 19:49:34 CEST
    Chizhov is still the greatest all time. I am certainly sure he would regain the world title. I can't imagine anybody beating him. He is playing as solid as ever. My congratulations to the other very very strong competitors. I think Chizhov would now be rated as the best player of the world. He deserves that, he has achieved much much more than any player I know. Keep going on Chizhov 8)
    from Trieste - Italy
    Signed on: di 18 okt 2005 18:25:18 CEST
    Hi master. 
    The question is: 
    Bouzinski-Chizow = 2-0 ?? 
    else is a little mistake???? 
    Bruch - Trieste
    Jelmer Martens
    from Zeist (Netherlands)
    Signed on: di 18 okt 2005 16:49:05 CEST
    Until now, this tournament meets all the good expectations. In the qualification rounds, the players had to fight for the first three places, resulting in exciting games, many decisions (especially Valneris-Heusdens!) and only few draws. We saw surprising players who reached the final (of course Huseynov, but also Nasevich, Businski and Samb) an who did not reach the final (Gantwarg, Clerc, Ndjofang, Podolski). From here, I want to compliment the Amsterdam organisation with this World Championship. In the history of Draughts, we will remember this as one of the better Championships!
    from Minsk city
    Signed on: di 18 okt 2005 13:37:45 CEST
    Тренерок, хорош там с полтинником, вырываемся потиху вперёд!!! 
    Заглянул в prize money, подумал почему-то о тортике:) 
    Nice site!!!
    Andrey Tolchikov
    from Belarus
    Signed on: ma 17 okt 2005 21:23:19 CEST
    Сергей Антонович!  
    Коль схватили удачу за хвост - держитесь до конца! Верим в Вас! ;)
    from Mongolia
    Signed on: zo 16 okt 2005 14:27:11 CEST
    Farhad Huseynov had played at the Asian championship in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 1999. At the championship winner was Erdenebileg, Farhad is placed 5th or 6th as I remember.
    from Mongolia
    Signed on: zo 16 okt 2005 05:25:55 CEST
    I'm writing from Mongolia. I'm supproting for two players (2 Getm, Gerg) of Russia. You both are young and strong. You need excitement wins. Vpered, davaika! :) :p
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