Results of the 3rd round of the World Draughts Championship final games


On the 13th of June finished the 3rd round of the World Draughts Championship final games.

Jean Mark Ndjofang from Cameroon with 7 points still in the lead of the final. The 2nd and the 3rd places are taken by the representatives of Russia Alexander Getmanski and Alexander Georgiev. Both of them played draw games today and now have 6 points each. N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire) also has 6 points.

The leaders of the «B» final are Ainur Shaibakov (Russia) and Evgueni Watoetin (Belarus). In three rounds each of them won two games and now have 5 points. 4 points were gathered by 9 players from Netherlands, Senegal, Cameroon, Belarus and so on.

Tomorrow at 10.00 a.m. starts the 4th round of final games.

Day twelve video diary

Jean Mark Ndjofang: I’m trying to do my best!


After 2 final rounds of the World Draughts Championship sportsman from Cameroon Jean Mark Ndjofang is the leader. He has 6 points. Right after the 2nd round international grandmaster shared his impressions.

- Today the game with Artem Ivanov was quite difficult. I had to play strategically. I had a great pull over my opponent and won the game. All the players who came through to the final are very strong. But in sport the result is unpredictable. We’ll see what will be in the final. As for me, I’m trying to do my best and moreover all my relatives and friends support me. And this is very important!

Ndjofand said that in case of his victory if he gets the prize money he will help miserable people.

- Wherever you live in Africa or in Russia there are poor people everywhere. They need not only financial support but also moral help. If I get the prize money I will help poor people, - added the sportsman.

Results of the 2nd final round of World Draughts Championship


On the 12th of June in «A» final 3 out of 6 games were resultative. The leader of the championship is international grandmaster from Cameroon Jean Mark Ndjofang with 6 points. Alexander Georgiev and Alexander Getmanski both the representatives of Russia have 5 points each. World champion Alexander Georgiev won Alexey Chizhov and Getmanski won the leader of the 1st round N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire).

In «B» final in comparison with the first day the number of resultative games also increased. 9 draughts players with 3 points out of 4 are the leaders in this group. Bashkir sportsman Ainur Shaibakov is one of them.

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Best draughts players of the world congratulated young Bashkir sportsmen with their victory on the championship of Russia!


Before the second round of A and B finals of the World Draughts Championship was held awarding of the winners of Russian and international draughts championship of Russia in the individual and team event. Championship was held from the 28th of May till the 8th of June in Krasnodar Krai. Bashkortostan was represented by young sportsmen from Ufa, Ishimbai and Yanaul. Certificates of the Ministry of sport of Russia were issued not only to the sportsmen but also to their coaches: Alfiya Fakhretdinova, Alexander Melnikov, Khalyaf Bikbulatov and Mikhail Pekersky.

Mikhail Pekersky said that all the sportsmen did their best and he specially complimented Kristina Osipova, Tamerlan Akhmerov and Daniil Ilin

- For the Champion of Russia Kristina Osipova it was really difficult championship. She took part in all 3 programs of international draughts; she won in 2 of them and became the vice-champion in the 3rd program. During this championship she won the maximum number of medals – 5. Another young sportsman Tamerlan Akhmerov became the champion of Russia in the main program among sportsmen born in 2003-2004 and vice-champion in blitz program. Coach Pekersky said that although they did their best on the championship they continue preparing for the competition that will be held on the 21st of June in Ishimbai.

Our congratulations to the winners!

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World Draughts Championship: 1 round final «B»


Late in the evening on the 11th of June finished the first round of final «B». In the first round there were only two victories by international grandmaster Nicolas Derival (USA) and international grandmaster Ndiaga Samb (Senegal). Thanks to these victories they became the leaders with 2 points each. Other 26 players have only one point. Very interesting game was carried out by young Regina Aupova (Bashkortostan, Russia) and experienced international grandmaster Raimonds Vipulis (Latvia). Finally it finished by a draw. This was the 13th out of 15 games.

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Day eleven video diary

The first final day of the World Draughts Championship is over


On the 11th of June started the final of the World Draughts Championship. Two out of six «A» final games were resultative and the winners got yellow jerseys. These two players are the representatives of Africa, international grandmasters Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) and N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire). Representatives of Russia, international grandmasters Alexander Georgiev, Alexey Chizhov, Alexander Schwarzman and Alexander Getmanski played draw games.

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Day ten video diary

Saturday the 20th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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