Jacek Pawlicki: Bashkortostan is a land of beautiful nature and welcoming people


The World Championship is not over yet, but today, 7th of June, Jacek Pawlicki, director of the FMJD tournaments, has already left.

- My goal is to be at the beginning of the tournament. Unfortunately, due to my official duties I have to leave. Speaking about assessment of this tournament, it is necessary to separate two areas: organization and sport. In terms of sport, we go through some complicated moments. Until the end of the semi-final, a round remains. Only three players from each group will get into the final. So the tension is growing every day. The Africans play quite well, although it is expected. Indeed, in Africa draughts are very popular. Their draughts players are famous and respected people. In terms of organization, Ufa has a huge experience in organizing big international competitions, including draughts. For the last decade, I participated in tournaments in Ufa for three times. I can say that something new and interesting appear every time. For example, a diary was kept during none of the championships. But you do! This is great!

Just recently Mr. Pawlicki visited Beloretsk Region, and shared his impressions following the visit.

- I did not notice how fast time went by during my trip. I noticed that in Bashkortostan people are welcoming and nature is beautiful. I like mountains, which are not quite high but accessible. I think that your animals are very happy because they can run on mountains, - added Pawlicki.

Day six video diary

Representatives of the Ufa Boarding Home for Old and Disabled People visited the International Draughts World Championship.


Today, June 7, representatives of the Ufa boarding home for old and disabled people visited the International Draughts World Championship. They had conversation with Aleksandr Georgiev, the reigning champion in international draughts, Harry Otten, president of the World Draughts Federation. Visitors also attended the tournament and took photos as mementos.

Raisa Ivanovna, the representative of the boarding home, says that this trip has left a lasting impression.

- In our boarding home there are many people who are keen on draughts. We organize our own tournaments, read specific literature dedicated to this type of sport. To participate in the competition of such level is a great piece of luck, and we are very happy, - explained Raisa.

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Artem Ivanov: My position either victory, either draw!


On the 6th of June one of the leaders from «Baba Sy» group Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) commented his victory as follows:

"This round was lucky for me. I won the sportsman from Belarus Andrei Tolchykau. I thought this would be draw game, but I was lucky. In general the championship runs good for me. My position either victory, either draw. I try not to loose. But there are three rounds till the end of the semifinal and everything could happen. Anyway I will try to get in the top ten players."

Take into account that after 6 rounds of the championship Ukrainian draughts player Artem Ivanov with 9 points is one of the leaders of his group.


Murodullo Amrillaew: Easy victory in the 6th round became the hardest for me.


These were the words of the Bashkir sportsmen today on the 6th of June right after the tournament.

- I was playing with the international grandmaster from USA Nicolas Derival. He made a move and saw the winning combination that I could carry out. He tried to cancel his move but it is impossible in draughts. The game was delayed for a while. We created the commission under the chairman of the main judge of the championship Frank Teer. Fortunately there are electronic boards and web cameras which helped me to prove that he really made a move. American Draughts Federation prepared an appeal. I think that they should make an excuse. I have a long-term experience and this is the first time when I see such situation – told the sportsman.

After analyzing his games of the first five rounds of the World Draughts Championship the international grandmaster noted: I was playing not very good. I’ve played draw in two important games with Zoja Golubeva from Latvia and Dul Erdenbileg from Mongolia. So I created a complicated challenge for me. Only three rounds are left. I am in difficult position but I still have chances!

World Draughts Championship: 6th round


On the 6th of June finished the 6the round of the World Draughts Championship. Two leaders of the «Andreiko» group (Yuriy Anikeev and Evgueni Watoetin) were joined by Alexander Georgiev and Alexander Baliakin, who won today. All of them have 8 points each. 7 points have Alexander Getmanski. These five draughts players compete for the chance to play in the final. Only three of them will take part in the final. Tomorrow the most important game for so called «4 points» will be between Anikeev and Baliakin.

Similar situation is in group «Baba Sy»: the leader Dul Erdenebileg (Mongolia) who played a draw game was come up with Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) and Alexander Schwarzman (Russia) who got the victories. They have 9 points each. 7 points have Murodullo Amrillaew and Thomy Mbongo. In the 7th round the game for so called «4 points» between the leaders Dul - Ivanov will be very important.

In the groups «Kuperman» and « Deslauriers» there are two players in each group who have 8 points and two players in each group with 7 points. In «Kuperman» group the leaders are Alexey Chizhov (Russia) and N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire), they are followed by Raimonds Vipulis (Latvia) and Alan Silva (Brazil). The most important game of the 7th round in the group will be the game between Meurs and Chizhov. The leaders of the group «Deslauriers» are Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire) and Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) with 8 points. They are followed by Guntis Valneris (Latvia) and Roel Boomstra (Holland) with 7 points. Game between Ano and Boomstra in the 7th round for so called 4 points could change the whole situation of the championship.

The 7th round will start on the 7th of June at 10.00 a.m in the sanatorium «Zelenaya Roscha».

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Day five video diary

After the 6th round of the World Draughts Championship we can name the leaders of each group


The 5th day of the World Draughts Championship in Ufa is over. 6 out of 9 games of the semifinal have already been played.

In the «Andreiko» group there are 4 leaders with 8 points each: Alexander Georgiev (Bashkortostan, Russia), Yuriy Anikeev (Ukraine), Evgueni Watoetin (Belarus) and Alexander Baliakin (Holland).

In the group «Baba Sy» three leaders with 9 points each: Alexander Schwarzman (Moscow, Russia), Erdenebileg Dul (Mongolia) and Artem Ivanov (Ukraine).

In the group «Kuperman» two leaders with 8 points each: Alexey Chihzov (Udmurtia, Russia) and N’Cho Joel Atse (Cte D’Ivoire).

In group «Deslauriers» there are two leaders with 8 points each – Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire) and Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon).

Representatives of the Ufa nursing home will visit the World Draughts Championship


On the 7th of June World Draughts Championship will be visited by the representatives of the Ufa nursing home.

They will not only watch the games but also will communicate with the participants of the Championship. Start at 9.30 a.m.

This event was organized by the initiative of the professional draughts club «Bashneft» and Children's and Youth Sports School № 23 of the city of Ufa.

Saturday the 20th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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