Participants of the World Draughts Championship visited Nurimanovsky district


Participants of the World Draughts Championship visited one of the most beautiful regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan – Nurimanovsky district. Guests went to one of the Bashkir villages – Terekle. There draughts players experienced the hospitality of Bashkortostan. They went to banya, eat shashlik and drank tea with famous Bashkir honey. But the main impression was made by so called blue lake Sarva. This lake is blue like a sky; it is 60 meters long and 30 meters width. The depth of the lake reaches 50 meters. Sarva is a karst lake located on the famous by its karst caves plate.

Many of the sportsmen tried the cold water of the lake and made a group commemorative photo.

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Day nine video diary

Semifinal games of the World Draughts Champioship are finished


On the 9th of June finished semifinal games of the World Draughts Championship. On the basis of the results of these games were chosen the finalists:

«Andreiko» group:
1 – Georgiev (Russia);
2 – Anikeev (Ukraine);
3 – Getmanski (Russia).

«Baba Sy» group:
1 – Schwarzman (Russia);
2 – Ivanov (Ukraine);
3 – Dul (Mongolia).

«Kuperman» group:
1 – Chizhov (Russia);
2 – Atse (Cote D’Ivoire);
3 – Buzinskij (Lithuania).

«Deslauriers» group:
1 – Ano (Cote D’Ivoire);
2 – Ndjofang (Cameroon);
3- Boomstra (Netherlands).

In «Andreiko» group four sportsmen have 12 points, depending on the plus games they have the following places: Alexander Georgiev (Russia), Yuriy Anikeev (Ukraine), Alexander Getmanski (Russia).

In «Baba Sy» group the sole leader is Alexander Schwarzman (Russia). He played a draw game and having 13 points he took the first place in the group. The second is Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) – 12 points. Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) failed to win Dul Eredenebileg (Mongolia) who has 11 points. Mbongo (Cameroon) also has 11 points but he lost by additional criteria, so Amrillaew became the fifth with 10 poits.

In «Kuperman» group two players have 12 points. Depending on the additional criteria the situation is the following: 1 – Alexey Chizhov (Russia), 2 – N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire), 3 – Edvard Buzinskij (Lithuania). He as well as Pim Meurs (Netherlands) and Alan Silva (Brazil) has 10 points. But the representative of Lithuania is ahead by the number of victories and plus draw games.

In «Deslauriers» group the winner is Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire) who was the leader of the group from the very first rounds. He has 12 points. Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) and Roel Boomstra (Netherlands) have 11 points. Roel became the third after the victory in the last round.

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Day eight video diary

Decision of main referee about the result of the game Akoi – Nossov


In the game Akoi – Nossov 86 moves were played at the moment that the flag fell for Mr. Nossov in the third period of 20 seconds Fischer per move. He had not recognized that his time was up. The assistant referee Airat Nurgaziyev decided that the game was lost for Nossov.
The referee asked me if there was not a draw situation because very long both players played only with Kings. However this was not 25 moves or more.
But after whites move 71,83 and 85 the same position was on the board with black to move, and also the same position after blacks move 71,83 and 85.
The role of the referee is implementation of the rules and regulations as laid down in the annexes of the FMJD.
Annex 1, official FMJD rules for international draughts, article 6.1. states the following:
A game is considered a draw when the same position occurs for the third time, with the same player having to move.
This means that the game is ended at that moment and what happens after that moment is irrelevant.

Annex 4, article 2.a7b states the following:
The referee must decide on the draw result of a game when he concludes that the game is drawn according to the regulations of the game, Annex 1, articles 6.1 to 6.4. This may be after a claim of a player or at the initiative of the referee. When the referee remarks that there is a regulatory draw situation it is his duty to end the game.

The referee at the table of this game has not correctly noted this situation and did not end the game at that moment. This is considered to be an error of the referee.
Everybody may make errors, even a referee. I don’t blame him as this is not an easy task for a referee.
As main referee however it is my task and my duty to correct such an error.

As main referee I decide that, even when the game was temporarily considered to be won by Mr. Akoi, based on the FMJD regulations Annex 1 and Annex 4, the game is a draw.

Everyone involved in this situation has the right for appeal with the Jury d’Appel, presided by Mr. Claude Ngondiep, president of the federation of Cameroon.

Main referee World Championship
Frank Teer

Appendix: Notation game Akoi – Nossov

Head of the World Draughts Federation Harry Otten said thank you to the doctors of the Republican clinical hospital for high level of their professionalism


On the 7th of June President of the World Draughts Federation Harry Otten visited the Republican clinical hospital and said thank you to the personnel for high level of their professionalism. He had a conversation with the surgeon Farit Mukhametov who carried out an operation for Mr. Otten in winter.

- In winter when I was in Ufa I broke the thigh bone. I had an operation, doctors inserted a ceramic prosthesis, I was recovering very slowly and then went home. Later in Holland doctors said that operation was performed on a very high level and even they themselves couldn’t do it better. I am very happy that everything is fine. I highly appreciate the professionalism of Ufa doctors – said Harry Otten.

Farit Mukhametov, doctor who carried out an operation for Harry Otten said that in the Republican clinical hospital they perform nearly 300 similar operations a year.

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World Draughts Championship: 8 round


On the 8th of June finished the 8th round of the World Draughts Championship. The leader of «Andreiko» group Alexander Georgiev (Russia) unexpectedly have the same number of points as young Oskar Budis (Poland). Yuriy Anikeev used this chance and won Angel Rafael MEIJA (Dominican Republic). Leaders have 11 points. Evgueni Watoetin (Belarus), Alexander Getmanski (Russia) Alexander Baliakin (Netherlands) have 10 points each. Finalists will be chosen tomorrow between these five players.

In the group «Baba Sy» two losses of the leaders Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) and Dul Eredenebileg (Mongolia) completely change the situation of the tournament. These two players tomorrow play against each other. The finalists will be chosen on the results of the games. Alexander Schwarzman (Russia) (12 points) will play with Thomy Mbongo (Cameroon) (10 points), Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) with Artem Ivanov (Ukraine), Dul (Mongolia) with Zoja Golubeva (Latvia).

N’Cho Joel Atse (Cote D’Ivoire) is the leader of the group «Kuperman». He is followed by Alexey Chozhov (Russia). They have 11 and 10 points correspondingly. Edvard Buzinskij (Lithuania), Pim Meurs (Netherlands), Alan Silva (Brazil) have 9 points each. The chance to get into the final also has Raimonds Vipulis (Latvia) who has 8 points and will play with Silva. But more important for the results is the game between Atse and Meurs.

In the group «Andreiko» was registered only one victory. This victory was gotten by Adonis Ano (Cote D’Ivoire) who was the leader of the group from the first round. He has 11 points. Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) has 10 points, 9 points has Ainur Shaibakov (Russia), Gantis Valneris (Latvia), Roel Boomstra (Netherlands). They are the main pretendants for the final, but Alexey Domchev (Litva) with 8 points also has chances to get into the final.

Tomorrow on the 9th of June will be held very important 9th round. Depending on the results of the 9th round in each group will be chosen 3 finalists. Let’s wish good luck to all the players!

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Day seven video diary

The International Draughts World Championship: 7th round


On 7th of June, the 7th round of the International Draughts World Championship completed. Aleksander Georgiev is the absolute leader in the “Andreyko” group. He has 10 points in his credit. Yuriy Anikeev, Eugeny Vatutin, Aleksander Balyakin have 9 points. In the 8th round Georgiev will play with Oskar Budis (9th place).

In the “Baba Si” group Aleksander Schwarzman (Russia) outplayed outsider Dickson Maughn (Trinidad and Tobago) and also spurted into the sole lead, having 11 points. Eredenebileg Dul (Mongolia) and Artem Ivanov (Ukraine) fell one point behind him. Murodullo Amrillaew (Russia) has 9 points. In the second-to-last round, meeting of Ivanov and Schwartzman, the main contenders for getting into the final, is of huge interest.

After defeating Wei Zhou (China, 10th place) in the “Cooperman” group, N'cho Joel Atse (Cote d’Ivoire) became a sole leader once again. Aleksey Chizhov (Russia) became the second, having 9 points. Alan Silva (Brazil) has 8 points.

In the “Deslauriers” group Adonis Ano (Cote d’Ivore) and Jean-Marc Njofang (Cameroon) continue to take first places. They have 9 points. Guntis Valneris (Latvia), Roel Boomstra (Holland) and Aynur Shaibakov (Russia) have 8 points. By the way, Boomstra and Shaibakov will meet each other in the next round.

The 8th round of the World Championship will take place on 8th of June, beginning is at 10 a.m.

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Saturday the 20th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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