Nicolas Derival: Next time I will do my utmost to get in the A-final of the World Draughts Championship

Created on Monday, 17 June 2013 Written by Elena Ledyaykina


derivalNicolas Derival, international grandmaster from the USA, told about his game at the World Draughts Championship, impressions and dreams.

- In the championship of such a level I am playing for the first time, and I learned many new and interesting things. Unfortunately, I did not get to the A-final, but next time I will do my utmost to be there. In the consolation B-final I play with varying success. Now I fall three points behind the leaders. My family helps me a lot, they support me. After speaking with them I have inspiration to continue the game with renewed vigour, - said the draughts player.

In his predictions about the winners of the Championship, Nicolas Derival said:

- Alexander Georgiev is a good and strong player. But I would like that Roel Boomstra or N’cho Joel Atse become the champion. It is not interesting when one and the same person wins sever times in a row.

I had a chance to speak to Nicolas about his impressions of Bashkortostan and even about his personal life.

- Most of all what I remembered about this country is hospitable people. I like this quality, and I think about getting married to a Russian girl, - the sportsman said smiling. – But while the Championship is going on, I cannot get distracted. For this, I will come here later, - the sportsman promised.

Saturday the 20th. чемпионат мира по международным шашкам 2013 Уфа
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